Want to turn those air balls into buzzer beaters? Join basketball camp today! These half-day camps will be offered every Monday through Thursday from June 6 – July 29, 2022. This camp will focus on building skills both on and off the field. Campers will experience personal growth through character building and leadership, as well as technical training, drills, teamwork and discipline. Join us for the ultimate week of education and fun while developing the skills to be a GAME CHANGER! 



June 6 – July 29, 2022

Time: 9am-1pm*

Registration Fee: $49**

Price: $149 per week

Price and fees include both breakfast and lunch , daily swimming time, as well as the opportunity for a one-time athletic test!

*If you are interested in your child staying for the remainder of the day after the conclusion of sport camp, an additional fee can be added

**Registration fee is a one-time fee. If you are planning to sign your child up for multiple sport camps you will only need to pay that fee once.

Meet Your Coach

I’m Torrell Martin. I am a 36 year old Retired Pro. I was Mr. Basketball for the state of SC when I was 18. I had many offers but I chose Winthrop University, my Junior in high school, because I believed in their mission. I Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre and Psychology. I led my College Team To 3 NCAA Rings and winning to advance as well. After college I signed a Free Agent Deal with the Orlando Magic. After a short stay there I went to Europe where I played, lived and traveled to over 30 countries Including Spain, France, Africa, Germany,Greece, Turkey and Russia. While there I played with some of the best and learned so many cultural aspects of people that I apply to my daily life.  My Professional Career was done by 2015, I was inducted into the Hall Of Fame where I gave an acceptance speech March of 2016.
  After this I Created a Training Company named HOFTrain. I travel the world and give back the Formula on and off the court- Im a Man of God with two sisters and loving  parents who raised me with the correct principles on how to conduct myself in the World. With that advice I began who I am today and I wish noth. During my journey I had 6 knee surgeries that I bounced back from and I could not have continued without God on my side. I spend my Life giving back to the Game that has given me so much. I currently have my own Gym and created an App to help keep kids with the Formula to life. In all I’m looking to expand the possibilies for these kids so they feel they have every avenue to be successful with no Cap on their success because they have been chosen to be Great.
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